Soft Skills Training

The DL Wallace brand has become synonymous with superior soft skills training and development. As the author of more than 1,000 8 minute or less training segments, Wallace has transformed lives all over the world with his original soft skills lessons.

As the founder and CEO of Success Training Institute, Wallace has built an organization that serves as the standard bearer for the industry.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are the interpersonal qualities that influence how people interact with others, solve problems, build teams and handle adversity just to name a few. Soft skills are seldom taught in school and is regarded by Harvard University as the number one skill set employers seek in new hires.

DL Wallace has been training business professionals in soft skills for more than a decade and has created an online platform to make the acquisition of these skills more effective than ever. His revolutionary SIPS Instructional Method© teaches soft skills in high energy segments of 8 minutes or less.

Why Success Training Institute?

Business professionals all over the world choose Success Training Institute for their soft skills training needs because the classes are powerful, practical and perpetual. With new content added to the Learning Management Software (LMS) each month, Wallace and his team at Success Training Institute help business builders from all walks of life achieve new levels of success.

Certifications can be earned in less than eight weeks those looking to boost their resumes, secure a promotion and or grow their teams can accomplish those goals with Success Training Institute.