Giving Back

Values Include Helping Those That Cannot Help Themselves

DL Wallace is a believer in the conservative values upon which our great country was founded. Those values include helping those that cannot help themselves. Wallace teams up with the Charity Church of Fort Worth, Texas to facilitate and support some of the largest private giveaways in North Texas. Among them is the Coats for Kids campaign, were brand new coats, shoes, bikes, and toys are provided to needy families and the Dallas Fort Worth area. Prior to receiving the gifts, families have an opportunity to hear the true meaning of Christmas and can act on commitments to enhance their Christian faith.

Wallace also supports Back to School Giveaways that provide much needed supplies to underprivileged children in his home state. DL Wallace and his partners are committed to providing support to those who have become largely dependent on government assistance in an effort to empower them to achieve more.